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The Performance of Nandong in Simeulue Island

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Tanggal Post : 06/02/2019

Performance seizes all dimensions of language when performers produce utterance. This study is concerned with the performance of nandong oral tradition. Anthropolinguistic components of text, co-text, and context were used to describe the structure, stages, performing components, and speech function of nandong. Ethnographic method was also implied in this study. The data was based on audio-video recording, transcription, and field notes. The instrument used to record the nandong was Panasonic HC-V180 full HD handycam. The results showed that the structure of nandong is classified as poetic, and the stages of nandong (only in formal situation) consist of seuramo, nandong for opening, for content, and for closing, and seuramo again. The performing components include small and big group, and individual or solo. The speech functions of nandong were persuasive and narrative. Above all, the nandong performance is advisable and its function is to assign an “alarm” for people in Simeulue when they face their problems of living.

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