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Experiential Learning Through Video Tasks In Learning Speaking (Case Study Students At Lp3i Medan)

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Tanggal Post : 06/02/2019

Learning speaking deals with routine practically. Students need situation where they are able to achieve the lesson in long term memory. One of the methods is experiential method because it deliberates humanís thought, feeling, ideas and actions. The objective of the study is to provide the innovative concept of learning speaking by using technology through video tasks. The study was a case study at LP3I Medan. The population was the students from two classes that consist of four majors (Official Management (OM), Accountant, IT, and Design Animation (DA). The data were collected by using questioner and studentsí video tasks. They were analyzed by using Likert scale and Experiential Learning stages that proposed by David Kolb (1984), they are: Concrete Experience (CE), Reflective Observation (RO), Abstract Conceptualization (AC), and Active Experimentation (AE). The result of questioner from two classes showed that the score are 465 and 456. These score is close to the highest score (728). It meant that more than half students were enjoy and happy learning speaking through video Task. Besides, the video task more obvious and able to encourage them to speak. From the product of their video task, students were able to speak more bravely and more creatively. 

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